Honey + Gong Gong Gong + Weak Signal

Ad Hoc Presents

Honey + Gong Gong Gong + Weak Signal

Gong Gong Gong, Weak Signal

Wed, January 30, 2019

8:00 pm

Union Pool

Brooklyn, NY


This event is 21 and over

Although this Brooklyn trio is probably too goddamn youthful to care what the hell I'm talking about, there's a consistent vibe to their debut album that puts me in mind of great Cleveland bands of the last century -- from The Mirrors to Friction to Death of Samantha and onward. Something about the way Dan Wise's guitar mixes with both his singing, and that of Cory Feierman's, reminds me of naught but a Lake Erie fish fry. And the rhythm section, with Cory on bass and Will Schmiechen on drums, bears down on these twinned howls in a way that makes it possible to catch whiffs of the Dead Boys at their sharpest.

Perhaps this geographical anomaly results from the fact that Honey's line-up contains two veterans of the Wisconsin Dells water park scene and a native New Yorker, creating a mutant hybrid Ohioan in the process. But that is just theory.
The reality is that these guys are punching a lot straighter and harder than they did with previous units they've been in, and the results are a loud and royal blast. You still get a soupçon of sophisto texture deep in the interior of some of the tunes' architecture, but the main trajectory of the material has a brutalist immediacy. There are even parts where Coryʼs voice conjures up a bellow recalling the long- gone Wolf King of Lodi. But all the tunes hit your head like a fox terrier shot from a bazooka.

This is a great, hard-edged slice of rock noise that blazes with a light far more forthright than I'd dared expect. How very fucking cool is that? --Byron Coley
Gong Gong Gong
Gong Gong Gong
Beijing’s Gong Gong Gong make driving, stripped-down transnational blues, tapping into the spirit of Bo Diddley, the Monks, and psychedelic music from West Africa to Southeast Asia. “Phantom Rhythm” is the concept at the duo’s core: between Tom Ng’s percussive guitar and Joshua Frank’s melodic, charging bass, an aura of ghostly snare hits emerges over a thumping low-end pulse. Atop this framework, Ng recounts Cantonese tales of absurdity, love and lust with fragmented, wry vision.
On their first US release, "Siren 追逐劇" b/w " Something’s Happening 突發 " (out 11/9 on Wharf Cat) Gong Gong Gong brings to life a cinematic chase scene. Shot-by-shot, frame-by-frame, "Siren 追逐劇" is a story of galloping hooves and screeching tires—a horse and car racing each other through mountains and desert, charging into the city. The flip-side, instrumental "Something’s Happening 突發" is Gong Gong Gong at their most raw: locomotive jangle and fuzz-faced roar. Dust, sweat and engine oil, the landscape rushing by. Gong Gong Gong have dates lined up on both sides of the Atlantic with the likes of Parquet Courts, Bodega and Flasher.
Weak Signal
Weak Signal
I am too much of a fan of Mike Bones’ songs and guitar playing to sound objective here.
So do yourself and me a solid—put on “Lying” for thirty seconds with your eyes closed. I’ll wait.
That’s like a thousand times better than most things you ever get asked to hear in this life, right?
Mike Bones has been making deep and deeply loved albums in NYC as a singer and guitarist with Soldiers Of Fortune and under his own name, and has guested on albums by Cass McCombs, Endless Boogie and Run The Jewels.
The band he’s put together with Sasha Vine and Tran Huynh makes Weak Signal his hardest and leanest group. The quality of the songs and music on this album is matched by the supreme style of the band members.
So rare.
I fuck with Weak Signal hard. No jokes.

-Matt Sweeney
Venue Information:
Union Pool
484 Union Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11211