Afternoon Hang

Afternoon Hang

Sun, May 15, 2016

2:00 pm

Union Pool

Brooklyn, NY


This event is 21 and over

Billy Bouchard
Billy Bouchard is an independent singer and songwriter with roots in folk, punk and garage. Originally from Providence Rhode Island, Bouchard grew up listening to almost entirely country music radio in his working class boyhood home. When adolescence hit the obvious rebellious aesthetic would, of course be punk music. At 15, Bouchard taught himself the guitar and although fascinated with the fingerpicking styles of John Fahey and Paul Simon, he wouldn't return to that creative outlook for another decade. As soon as he could force his hand to shape power chords, Bouchard started forming punk and hardcore acts playing in and around the Providence area. The first time he set foot in a studio his band would be signed to a label (Atlantic records). But the independent 'noise', art rock and theatre scenes in Providence would prove to have a lasting effect on his approach to music in the years to come. After a decisive move to Oakland California, Bouchard would go on to collaborate with dozens of artists (Bart Davenport, Christian Burns, Aaron Pfenning of Chairlift, The Greater Good, The Plus Ones, Samiam) recording for a slew of labels, (Atlantic Records, No Idea, Fat Records, Lizard King Records) write and record with grammy award winning producers (Jeff Saltzman, Chris Dugan) and played live in over 40 different countries. In 2014 Bouchard realized his first solo effort under the moniker San Pond with the release of the vinyl single 'Harbor Lights'. Now He's opting to play out under his own name. A return to roots...and, at long last, a true solo act.
Residing in Brooklyn for the better half a decade now, has furthered the evolution in Bouchards approach all the while continuing to open for some pretty impressive acts (Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz, the Low Anthem, Here We Go Magic's Luke Temple, Marissa Nadler, Yoni Wolf of Why?, Zachary Cole Smith and Sky Ferreira). The influences are many and Bouchard seems able to humbly meander from one aesthetic to it's kin with aplomb. If you weren't paying close enough attention you might dismiss him as another in a series of folky troubadours pawning off their nostalgic wares without shame. But upon closer inspection, it's clear Bouchard is reaching much deeper. Touches of psyche, country, blues and a strong penchant for fascinating guitar approaches (including some adept finger styles) get sprinkled into his repertoire. Bouchard has come a long way from his humble start, but if you're listening closely enough, it's chronicled beautifully.
Venue Information:
Union Pool
484 Union Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11211