Moon Kissed
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Moon Kissed

The Living Strange, Drug Couple

Ages 21+
Record Release for Moon Kissed!

Moon Kissed

Beginning as a fleeting summer camp friendship, synth pop trio,

Moon Kissed's genre-bending approach fuses elements of indie, pop,

electronic, and jazz to create an avant-garde sound all their own.

Each having grown up in New York, Khaya, Emily, and Leah pride

themselves on their honest outlook and independent mindset. The

conventions of pop music typically call for formulaic compositions

constructed by hired songwriters. Instead, the trio prefers to

keep things personal by writing, recording, and producing all of

their own music.

Lead vocalist and producer, Khaya, felt her soulful voice emerge

at a young age. At 15, she was a finalist on The X Factor, but

quickly realized the pop star archetype was not made for her. Now

a matured college student, she realizes her artistic vision

extends far beyond easy-listening pop. Coming from a background of

jazz and classical music, instrumentalist Emily and drummer Leah

are determined to revolutionize these long-established sounds and

popularize them in modern context. Together, Khaya, Emily and Leah

are marrying their divergent musical experiences and inspirations

to define Moon Kissed.

Channeling acts such as St. Vincent, Chairlift, Phantogram,

Grimes, Lorde, and Charli XCX, Moon Kissed is stepping out of the

box of defined genre, striving to make their listeners a little

uncomfortable. Ultimately, Moon Kissed wants to submerge

contemporary pop music into a slightly darker world and showcase

the moody sound that they’ve created.

Venue Information:
Union Pool
484 Union ave.
Brooklyn, NY, 11211